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Fun Facts about Russell Freedman

Bulleted Bio

Twelve Terrificly True Things about Russell Freedman

*His parents met in a bookstore.

*He was born October 11, 1929 in San Francisco, California.

*His middle name is Bruce.

*He wrote a comic book in grade school that was published in the school publication.

*When he was a mischievous schoolboy, Russell Freedman spent many hours staring at a portrait of Abraham Lincoln while sitting in the principal's office.  This is one of the reasons he was interested in writing a biography about Lincoln.

*He graduated from the University of California and served in the Korean War.

*His first job was as a reporter.

*He writes the first draft of his book using a pencil and a legal pad.

*Although his books are aimed at kids, he wants to write a book that a ten-year-old, a teenager, or a grandmother would sit up reading all night.  He is not interested in writing books that will just be used for classroom reports.

*He thinks the kids who read his books will be tomorrow's movers and shakers!

*Every time he finishes a book, he takes a trip an exotic place.

*His advice to kids who want to be writers is to read what really interests you and write every day.

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