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Jerry Stanley's Books: Online Resources

I am an American
This four part lesson plan simulates what it would be like to be forced to leave your home as the Japanese were forced to do during the Internment.
This is a 1-2 week unit using both fiction and primary sources that is "designed to provide middle school students with a window into the war years."
This site provides links to many sites about the Japanese Internment, and it also has links to two webquests.

Hurry Freedom
This page from PBS offers ideas and links for teaching about the Gold Rush.
The webpage of the "Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco" provides this article entitled "Negro Rights Activities in Gold Rush California" by Rudolph M. Lapp.
This page sells a PBS documentary on the Gold Rush and also includes background information, vocabulary, test questions, discussion questions, and activity ideas.

Big Annie of Calumet
This is an article geared toward children about the copper mines and the strikes. Includes a map of places to go, vocabulary words and definitions, comprehension questions, and a word find.
Woody Guthrie wrote a song about the Italian Hall disaster, and you can listen to it here!
This site gives a brief synopsis of the Italian Hall disaster and lists all who died.

Cowboys and Longhorns
This is the homepage of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
This is the homepage of the Western Folklife Center. provides this lesson plan on the "Real American Cowboy." It focuses on the literature of the cowboy. It includes vocabulary, activity ideas, links to modern cowboy poetry sites, and lyrics to cowboy songs.

Frontier Merchants
This site gives a brief history of the city of Tucson.
This site gives a history of the Carillo Gardens, which Lionel and Barron Jacobs enjoyed while living on the frontier in Tucson. There is an elementary on the site now!
This is the homepage of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society.

Children of the Dustbowl
This page includes a detailed history of Weedpatch Camp and many pictures.
This is a lesson plan titled "Dust Bowl Days." It contains song lyrics from the Dust Bowl and links to many photos from this time period.
This is a link to a PBS page about the Dust Bowl. It includes a map, timeline, and teaching ideas.

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